Why I love Hawaii


I love Hawaii because it's a great escape from everyday life. It also allows you learn about the Hawaiian culture and experience it while you are there. Hawaii is my favourite place to travel to, as it has so many different activities you can do while over there, not to mention the beautiful scenery enclosed in the islands. It is a great alternative to fiji if you are looking to do a bit of shopping while on holiday.

What places to vist in Hawaii


One of my top places to stay while in Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort. This resort is located on the North Shore and offers many perks while staying there, including two hours free snorkel gear each day. I stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort on my first holiday to Hawaii and all the staff there are very hospitable. I would highly recommend this resort to any of my friends traveling to Hawaii. Use the link below to research more about the Turtle Bay Resort.

Turtle Bay Resort

Another place to vist would definitely be Hanauma Bay. This is one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in Oahu. You are able to swim with exotic fish and maybe even see some turtles while you are there. This snorkel bay is a great place to experience the sealife Hawaii has to offer. When I went to Hanauma Bay I throughly enjoyed it, I beleieve that Hanauma bay is a great place to go with a family.

What food to eat while exploring Hawaii


While in Hawaii, you must go to and get either a smoothie or juice from Wow Wow Lemonade. This shop is a great place to quench your thirst and take a very aesthetic picture of your drink. I recommend the pinapple strawberry juice.

Another place to eat is Panda Express. This is a franchise based in the United States which sells chinese food. When ordering, I recommend get the orange chicken. This is a cheap choice when going to get dinner.